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We will meet you at our open doors from 23 to 24 June, more  info here


These stylish and attractive Remus and Romulus buildings will be like the heroes of legend, robust and innovative. 

These buildings will be located on the last building plot of the neighborhood '' On Forks'. This plot is ideally located in the center of the neighborhood, which gives it an excellent clearance accentuated by the homeless from the road that borders. At more than 30 m. the surrounding buildings.

The apartments on the ground floor have a nice large private lawn. For all owners, a leisure park with trees zennement will be available.

 Your future apartment is located 6 minutes drive from the beaches of Lake Murten and 2 minutes to motorway access.

 Aventicum was the Roman Swiss capital and a region where life was good. This tidy city will delight you and the Bullring receiving good numbers of events.